to JFK

Right now we are sitting in our hotel lobby, waiting to leave in a taxi for the airport. Our plane leaves at 9:45 pm. We are leaving 3 hours ahead of time because it is an international flight. My parents hope that that’s enough time. I can’t believe that next time I write, I’ll be in a different country.
– Ellie

Hello, Kelly here! We have nine bags to carry and four arms between the both of us. I think we may have been overzealous when it came to footwear, however with that being said, being in new york city has been great because I have acclimated to the cold and into wearing cold clothing and the process that comes with it. For example, putting on a scarf, a jacket, socks, and underwear along with hats and gloves. That’s alot of work. Today at our hotel in NYC which is about as unglamorous as you can get before you are staying at a hostel, we had to take a freezing cold shower because they were working on the hot water pipe and there is nothing like an intstant headache from freezing cold water first thing in the morning and then when i grabbed my towel and began to dry my hair, i was eye to eye with some creature that resembled a roach in florida terms. gross. but at least i know that when it comes to cold water or bugs, i won’t die. Now here’s to hoping that our hostel in camden town london will let us check in at 7:45 in the morning when our plane lands if not two girls plus nine suitcases may be making their way down the streets of england. i’ve never been to europe so ENGLAND HERE WE COME.


1 Response to “to JFK”

  1. 1 Sara said. November 9, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    I hope you guys got there safely! And I hope you are riding around for 3 hours on the 2 story bus. Miss you both terribly. I’ll be sure to tell our waiter friend at Tiny Thai that you send your regards.

    …though I think I’ve had my fill for the month.

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