A few things i’ve learned.noticed about London:
–people with red hair might as well be black in the south in the middle of a KKK meeting. They do not like those with red hair here, they call them ginger in a non-friendly tone.
–Toilet seats are not connected to the toilets, causing you to fly into walls and stall doors.
–the tube is fast and easy and convenient.
–english folk are the most stylish people i’ve ever seen, even more than nyc.
–the food being bad is just a myth, the food being expensive however, is unfortunately no myth at all. Things are approximately 15 us dollars and we’re talking appetizers.
–Another myth dispelled is that there is no ice, i have had ice on a number of occasions, and the beer is NOT warm.
–cell phones are so simple here and cheap.
–the english have a sign that says “humped zebra crossing” which means pedestrian crossing
–the english pronounce zebra instead of zee-bra the way we pronounce it, they say-zeh-bra.

Yesterday we landed in england after flying across the atlantic ocean on virgin atlantic which for the record is the best airline ever. It has television, great movies, travel tips and games on the screen in the seat in front of you. They also serve cockatils for free with dinner and the food is great. I had red wine and vegetable canneloni.

Gena and merlin were waiting at the airport for us and they helped us so much as we moved our luggage into our camden hostel. Camden is the funkiest, coolest area ever. It’s got a great market and last night after throwing back a few pints at the bar attached to our hostel, the four of us actually got the pleasure of seeing matt and kim from brookylyn in concert. It was right down the street from our hostel. It was a really good gig and they have a lot of energy and it was so interesting to see them here. We were exhausted and jet lagged and went to bed afterwards but we met lauren and her friends at the show.

Our first shower here was intense. You have to keep turning the shower on for it to work, sort of like a hand dryer in public restrooms. I thought that i would die of freezing temperatures because we didn’t have a hair dryer but then gena and merlin showed up and brought us one out of surprise. They were so helpful throughout everything.

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Our hostel is pretty nice. We are sleeping in a room with six beds. The first two nights there were two girls, nether were traveling together and we didn’t really like them very much. One girl said she was from nothhampton but had a polish accent and was abrupt and plain looking. She wasn’t too friendly and seemed a bit of a loner. The other girl was asleep when we got home fron the show at 11:30. This morning she woke up and rustled plastic bags for two hours at seven in the morning. I’ve never heard someone have as many plastic bags as this girl. It was crazy and super annoying. She also began screaming in shrill french on her cell phone. And tonight when we came back from sightseeing around the shopping district of covent garden with gena and merlin there were three girls who were really full of energy and seemed fun. They were from australia and were drinking huge bottles of alcohol in our room but they seemed cool enough. They invited us to come with them but we too tired.

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Today we woke up late and walked around covent garden which has awesome chain stores and small stores. We had pasta for lunch that was about 20.00 a bowl on the low end. And then we wandered around. We found this store that just sells huge hunks of the best smelling gourmet cheeses. It was called neal’s dairy yard. They have some really great looking clothes in covent garden but they are about 70 usd at the bare minimum. We passed a store that had these gigantic cupcakes in it that were just gorgeous and looked so gourmet, so we stopped and got one. Ellie ad I split a banana toffee cupcake and it was pretty amazing. It was like a banana muffin with gooey toffee in the middle. Then we met up with one of gena’s family friends named kenny. He is this older gay man who just moved to london within the last year and has a pug named olive with a pearl necklace. He bought us a couple of drinks at this pub and then we went to some place kind of similar but not half as good, as cpk. we had a pear cider and it was just delicious. They have so many different kinds of beer here that it is really very exciting.
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Two important events that happened today:
–We got a UK cellphone that only cost 20.00 dollars to buy and we put 20.00 dollars of credit on it which should last a month or so. In the UK phone calls and texts that are incoming are free.
–We got offered a job at the hostel and pub that we are staying at. They need to bar girls and we would be bartenders and would only make about eleven us dollars with the odd tip or so from american tourists. But it seems like a really chill environment and it’s right on the high street, which means main street in camden. We also probably get free food on shift and we get a discount since our hostel is a chain, on other hostel rooms in places like berlin, bath, brighton, amsterdam etc. I think we are going to accept the position and feel lucky that we got offered a job on our second day here. It’s a good start until we find something better.

We miss you guys like crazy but we are having so much fun that is sort of hasn’t even registered that we are on another continent yet. Tomorrow we are going to see the london bridge and play tourist and walk around leicester square and piccadilly circus. We are also going to find an apartment as soon as possible. We have four nights left in our hostel.

I think we are going to come back with british accents.

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  1. 1 Cory November 12, 2007 at 3:07 am

    Kelly, i am very happy to see that you have made use of your black boots.


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