casino at the empire, how can i help you?

Hellooooooo or Hiya as they say here. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! except its not so exciting here. Nobody wished me happy thanksgiving today and I guess that makes sense. Last night ellie cooked a vegetarian feast and george, lauren, and gaelle ate it with us. It was very nice but still a little sad to have to go to work the next day and not be able to lay around, full and happy watching the macy’s parade with our families. We did take pictures though which Ellie will post later so come back and check!

Also, working at a casino is mind-numbingly boring that all day today I stared at the clock thinking, well my family is pulling the bird out of the oven, my family is making a pie now. I literally answer annoying phone calls about dumb poker games like texas hold’em of which I know nothing about. I direct the calls and pray that the transfer works and then i scan members signatures into the computer ALL DAY. nobody talks to me, i don’t get to deal with customers, i just sit at a desk by myself with a stack of ninethousand forms to scan. Also, the lunch they serve us is the same everyday, traditional english breakfast except they serve it at 3. So I eat mass quantities of hash browns and baked beans at 3 in the afternoon and that is the highlight of my day which is pretty pathetic. I think sometimes that I will die before five rolls around. I believe that I will become liquid like Alex Mack or something. I have two more days of that then I am jobless yet again, but id rather eat crackers than waste all my days in there.

We saw Rilo Kiley play a gig the other night. It was very strange because it was in a proper theater and everyone had seats and the theater was beautiful and everyone watched the show like it was an orchestra or a play or something rather than a concert. I wanted to dance but nobody even moved their shoulders, however when you do watch something like that sitting down, its interesting how much you enjoy the actual art of the music and the performance. Anyway, Jenny was brilliant of course and you all know i could go on FOREVER….

Also speaking of music, amy winehouse lives in our neighborhood and george sees her everyday he says from out kitchen walking up the road. I haven’t seen her yet, but i’ve got my eyes open and goerge showed me her favorite spot for dinner in camden.

Strange British thing of the day: people walk like they drive. On the opposite side. So people walk on the left staircase when they are coming down and the right when they are coming up. Whenever I’m about to walk into someone we always do this weird american-british tango where im going to My right and they’re going to THEIR right and it’s a tangle of arms and legs and bags. I just didn’t realize how hard it is to break a habit like which direction you walk in.

I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey and are thinking about us poor unforuntate souls over here who wouldn’t eat the turkey anyway but wouldn’t mind a second helping of pumpkin pie today!


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