A Friendly Weekend

Gena and Merlin came down to visit us on Saturday afternoon two weeks ago. We hung about our apartment for a bit catching up.

Then we went down the street to a pub because Merlin had to watch his football(soccer) game. We drank pear cider and Gena and I bought some nuts off the street vendor. After the pub, we headed to Old Street to go to dinner in Hoxton. We took them to Cantaloupe one of our favourite hangouts and we ate tapas and drank pitchers of mojitos. Afterward we headed back to Camden and went for a few beers at the Edinboro castle where we met these two people who perform in the West End which is London ’s Broadway. The guy was a singer and the girl a dancer. We persuaded the guy to serenade us in return for a forced serenade from Gena in the middle of the bar. The guy had a lovely voice but the highlight was Gena who sings even more beautifully than someone on the West End .

On Sunday, we woke up and decided to have brunch on the South Bank. We went to Giraffe and ate breakfast and ordered corona’s. Then they showed us this really cute artsy store which had a book about Banksy tours. Banksy is this mysterious graffiti artist who has a cult following both in the UK and the states. His stuff is amazing and he is London based. Nobody knows who Banksy is but his stencils sell in auctions and to celebrities for thouands/millions pounds. So, we walked along the Southbank next to the Thames trying to find Banksy’s according to the book. Merlin and I ran from sign post to sign post but nothing. We did stop to watch the break dancers though and kind of forgot about our mission.

Afterwards we ended up heading to Covent Garden where we found this brewery and ordered some beer that was really good yet tasted a bit like pool metal and then we went to China Town and ate Chinese.

We love these two people…..


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