As I was walking to the gym tonight, I passed the same blonde girl with a bee-hive hairdo and bright blue coat that I pass every morning and sometimes at night when she is going out with her friends, brown bag in hand. On the way to work, Ellie and I often see this other lady, frizzed out 80’s hair, tired eyes, orange skin from too much tanning bed in the winter and pale seashell pink lipstick. Tonight while eating my sandwich, I saw the pierced out punk guy who normally stands on the corner with the sign for the doc martens store walking home, sign under his armpit.

I am a resident of Camden now, there is a routine of knowing which bus stops will crowd the sidewalks until they can’t be passed by on any side, which red lights take five extra seconds before changing to pedestrian friendly green. I see the same drug dealers on every corner, the same three men sitting inside the kebab shop every night, and I understand that the tube is closed on Sundays in the afternoon to deal with overcrowding. I have the same cashiers run my breakfast yogurt over the scanner everyday and I can tell you what is on every aisle of Sainsbury with my eyes closed.

Last night we walked to a show. Never have I ever been able to walk to a show before. I didn’t have to deal with the string of cars honking and cutting in front of me as they tried to leave the packed parking lot. Never have I seen a show where the band wanted to hang out afterwards in the same area that they performed. We saw Stars play last night and they lit the whole stage up with vintage house lamps and played in a theatre that was too beautiful for words. They played all of my favorite songs and everyone was friendly.

I go away on weekends, only to get back to Camden Town, London feeling like I’m home. I am beginning to really fall for London and can’t believe that I am already half way through my time here.


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