Camden Market Fire

For anyone who didn’t know (or anyone who did know, and is worried about us) there was a massive fire at the Camden Loch Markets near our flat. WE ARE OK, and out flat is OK. The fire was less than a mile away, but it is under control, if not out by now. It was a little scary, because George burst through the door and said “Have you seen the fire?!?!” So we initially thought it might be another fire escapade similar to Pegasus Landing (where our kitchen caught fire and we had to move out) but then he explained that all the streets were barricaded by the fire brigade. We looked out our kitchen window and saw billowing smoke. The fire started around 7pm and it was about 10pm when we found out about it. Kelly and I immediately went outside to investigate. Here are some pictures I took:

most of these are from the street in front of our flat.

this was pretty much as close as we could get

We walked to one of the main roads (which was closed). There were tons of people standing along the caution tape watching the fire fighters working on the flames with water hoses.

We are pretty sad about it, because it was one of our favourite spots in London and a real draw for why we lived in Camden Town. We had planned on going there this morning, but decided next weekend would be better. We don’t know exactly how much damage was done, but I doubt that will still be an option.

Here are some links to find out more about it:,,30100-1304790,00.html?f=rss

We love you all and just wanted to give you the breaking news, and let everyone know we are safe and sound.



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