Am I supposed to piss in the street?- Gaelle

Two weekends ago we decided to stay in London and lounge around a bit. On saturday we went to the 222 vegan buffet for lunch and then came home and napped our life away and made a cake. Afterwards we met Gaelle in front of the Camden Eye and had a snake bite. The Camden Eye turned into, Edinboro Castle, which turned into the Duke of Camden, which unfortunately or humorously enough turned into Belushi’s the bar of the hostel we first stayed at when we moved here. We were very happy to meet up with our old friend Clint who was working at Belushi’s and staying there. We found out that he was moving back to South Africa to surf for a bit. We wished him well and danced around and drank some cocktails.

Here are a few pictures from that night:

The next day we woke up late and decided to explore the canary wharf area of London. We wanted to take the DLR which is a part of the underground that eventually emerges from the underground and becomes overground, sort of monorail style. It is driverless which is really crazy if you think about it. Unfortunately, as London transport tends to be half the time, the DLR was closed from the station we needed to take it from. So we took the boring Jubilee underground.

(me sharing my dissatisfaction with transport London)
Once we got there, it was very interesting. Canary Wharf is sort of industrial but has really huge modern, manhattan style glass business buildings. It is right on the Thames.

It was lovely and sunny so we walked around a bit and took in the interesting architecture. There are a lot of nice restaurants and bars where people sit outside in the summer along the river and drink beer or eat brunch. There wasn’t too much else going on though so we got on the DLR at Canary Wharf heading towards India Quay. We were loving the view of the skyline and we came to this place called Mudchute.

It looked really rural and there was a huge park and a farm with horses so we walked around for a bit.

There was also an ASDA which is Walmart but in the UK. I didn’t have the pleasure to find out if ASDA was as disgusting as Walmart though because we were on our way back to see a movie in Canary Wharf and get a Starbucks.

That following Tuesday we went to Brick Lane in East London and went to curry mile with Gaelle and Clint and some other friends. This is the heart of the Indian community in London. The shop owners come outside and say things like ” free poppadums or free wine if you come in my restaurant.” Gaelle managed to talk one of them down to a free bottle of wine and 25 percent off our bill. The food was pretty good and afterwards Gaelle showed us Vibe Bar which is this amazing little indie club with hoegaarden beer on tap in Shoreditch. The next night we went over to Gaelle’s for fondue from France and it may have been the best cheese ever. It was so amazing. The three of us and Masih stood over the stove shoveling bread and cheese into our mouths, burning our taste buds, washing it down with the cheapest white wine. I cant wait for France so I can just have entire meals of cheese and wine.


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