Coincidences in art

The UK is much more environmentally friendly than the United States. To drive your car into the center of the town, you currently have to pay 8 pounds but in the future, depending on the size of your car you will have to pay 25 pounds to drive in London, per day if you have an SUV. The goal is to get everyone using public transport so we kill the environment less.

Last Thursday we went to the Time Out First Thursday Art Walk. Basically, the magazine Time Out which is a magazine that they have a few major cities like London and New york, hosts an art walk where all the East London galleries stay open later than usual until about 9. They publish a map and you walk around huge East London and there are 80 galleries or so. You can never see them all. We only got to see about 4. At the first one though, I had one of those defining moments of big city life. Everyone is standing around listening to a violinist play against the backdrops of huge abstract art pieces and everyone is drinking complimentary red wine and has cool haircuts and I thought that I might never be able to leave London. It was sealed further by some really amazing Cuban art at another gallery and then upon meeting this American woman who ran a tiny art gallery in East London. She has lived in London for 14 years and lives in an apartment above her gallery. She runs art walks and such. She asked us if we had ever heard of Tim and Sue, the artist couple and they just so happen to be some of our favorite artists that we saw at the Guggenheim like 3 years ago. Well, she’s renting her flat and gallery from Tim and Sue who used to live in that very space and create projects. I was freaking out. She also pointed out some other Tim and Sue works in the neighborhood that we would have never even seen. Sometimes London is too perfect for words.


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