I’m a lonely petunia…

Over Easter weekend, we decided that we wanted to retreat to Norwich to spend a long weekend with Gena and Merlin. That Thursday, I had a work meeting that was really code for a 5 minute actual meeting and a 2 hour party including wine, cookies, samosas and all the fixings. A couple of co-workers and I drank the wine and decided since we got off of work early to head to the pub across the street for another celebratory long weekend beer. Needless to say, finding the station in time was a little rough for me after all of that celebrating but I get there with a minute to spare. We soon realized that we were not the only people who left straight from work on Thursday to begin their long weekend.

The sun setting on the buildings near Ellie’s work

We had to stand on the train pretty much the entire 2 hour ride. Once we got there and caught a cab to Gen and Merl’s favorite Indian restaurant, our hellish ride was soon forgotten. It was so nice to spread out in their huge house since all of their roommates were gone and we pretty much had a routine of waking late, eating out lunch, cooking in dinner, watching six feet under episodes, and drinking the entire weekend.
We took Merlin out for a late birthday lunch to Pizza Express and brought him some of his favorite Stilton from our local cheese shop. We also had usual lunch of Mackintosh’s macaroni and cheese with a bottle of coke which was amazing as per usual.
On the way to Lunch we were faced with a strange phenomenon; a sudden snow storm. Snow was pelting us from all angles for about 15 minutes, then the sun came back out.

The night before Easter we decided to have a Mexican fiesta at our house with vegetarian chilli and tacos and guacamole and salsa. We decided to sweeten the deal by turning it into a Mexican mustache party, which then morphed into a Mexican mustache dance party as we danced into the night in their living room with music blaring from the Ipod. Beware, as some beer games turn us into photo fiends.

He could easily fit in in downtown Orlando with that mustache. His, needless to say looks the most natural.

It snowed a ton that weekend and actually settled so that was my first true snow experience in England aside from the Manchester sprinkle. It was crazy to have a snowy Easter morning.

(Ellie in her easter dress)


Ellie hid candy around their house and we had a hunt which Merlin won, sliding just past Gena in the end. We went to a pub lunch where Merlin engaged in the exciting world of football watching and we ate our nut roasts and drank beer. It was a really nice relaxing weekend which was also a little bittersweet since we knew it would probably be our last time lazing around 56 York St. before we embarked on our journeys.


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