We have had a crazy two weeks saying hello to some friends from the states who were visiting and saying good-bye to some dear London friends and then saying hello to our families as they arrived to see us.

More than two weeks ago now, Sara and Shannon came to visit. Shannon had been staying in Bordeaux, France while studying English and Sara was coming here to begin her six week tour of Europe with Shannon. Our weekend included some Thai food in Notting Hill with Sara, a little bar hopping in Soho with Shannon, a couple visits to the South Bank to see the landmarks and observe the protests of the Olympic torch running through as well as a trip to Brick Lane to introduce Sara to real Indian food and of course, hanging around Camden and the markets. Oh yes, and Sara’s favorite part which was riding double decker buses. It was nice to see some friends from home. While they were here we all went out one night with Lauren, and our two London friends Eleonore from France and Moon Sook, my co-worker who is originally from South Korea.

Thai food in Notting Hill

Tower Bridge

Exploring the Thames

Group Shot of All of us before we went out to the clubs

Riding the Night Bus home with Shannon

The view from our room as it snowed for the first time since we have been here.

The graffiti and skatepark on the South Bank.

Lauren and Moon Sook on our night out in East London

Sara and Shannon and Moon-Sook’s Roommates

Ellie and Sara

Cute Picture of Eleonore.

Grafitti in East London

Last weekend, our first friend that we made here, Gaelle, was having a going away party since she was moving back to France since she received a PR job offer in Lyon. We have had some really amazing times with her and feel very honored that we got the chance to become so close with her while we were here. Her going away party was at Bloomsbury Bowl where she worked as a bartender while in London. Lauren and our university friend Devan who was visiting London met us there as well and we all hung out in the very crowded but cute bowling alley and listened to the live music and drank cocktails with Gaelle.

We will miss Gaelle, but we can’t wait to visit her in Lyon and Evian this summer.

Gaelle and Fanny

Lauren, Devan and I

We decided to get on stage and pretend like there was karaoke when there wasn’t even a mic.

I love these ladies.

The Saturday before my Mom came we went to Moon Sook’s who offered to cook an amazing Korean meal as she had cooked it once before for us and we were completely addicted and obsessed. She is an amazing cook. Ellie, Lauren, Devan and I went to Moon-Sook’s flat in East London, ate dinner, drank wine and then went out for a night on the town to show Devan around London.

Moon-Sook, our amazing chef

This is the best dinner in the world. She made spring rolls by hand with plum sauce and this amazing sweet potato curry style dish and these spicy noodles.

Oscar the grouch

Since we only have a few more weeks here we are trying to relish every moment and really spend quality time with the friends we have left here since most of them have left for travel or other jobs. Lauren, our main companion, has recently left to travel for three weeks with Devan and we miss her so much as well, but are very busy with our family’s visits.

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