Edinburgh x2!

While my mom was visiting we also made our way to Edinburgh, Scotland and to Bath, England and Bristol/England. I kept her very busy in case you can;t tell. I had, as you recall, been to Edinburgh for New Years Eve with Ellie and Lauren but loved it so much that I knew I had to take my mom there. She ended up loving it so much that she wanted to move there. She enjoyed the people who were so friendly and the buildings which were so big. Upon first arriving, I ate some vegetarian haggis and my mom had a a nice panini and then we ended up getting distracted by some shopping on Princes Street. Afterwards we walked around and to our hostel which was on the base of the castle.

The view from our hostel. If you see the construction, it is because they are already getting ready for their big Augsut fesitval season.
We ended up eating at David Bann’s which is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants ever and we enjoyed ourselves so much. We turned in early to get ready for our walking tour the next day. We walked around a lot, taking in all the sights the next day and we went to the Scottish Museum where we saw Dolly the first cloned sheep ever. After the tour and the cloned sheep and a veggie burger, we had to catch the long train ride back to London with my Mom wishing hugely to stay.

Mom in front of the castle

Dolly the cloned sheep!

Picture Perfect Edinburgh!


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