Bath and Bristol, we took off for these on Monday while my Mom was here. we had been to Bristol but not too Bath. We took the coach to Bristol and then got an 11 minute train to Bath. Once in Bath we noticed how sleepy and small of a town it was, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Trying to peer into the baths, unsuccessfully before paying.

All of Bath was kind of the same color, strangely. As Lauren described it in her blog, it does sort of resemble an overdue library book and looks genuinely old. We had a really nice lunch of a veggie club sandwich and chips before we began proper sightseeing.
We started at the Bath Abbey which had been built hundreds of years ago.

Stained Glass that is supposedly the 26 scenes of Jesus’s life. I think there were 26 or something anwyays. Regardless, there is a panel for each scene.

After the Abbey, we went to the Roman Baths. This is the main attraction of Bath as you may have guessed. The Romans probably occupied Aquae Sulis(or Bath) shortly after their invasion of Britain in AD 43, attracted by the large natural hot spring which had been a shrine of the Celtic Brythons, dedicated to their goddess, Sulis. This spring was a natural mineral spring found in the valley of the Avon River in Southwest England. The name is Latin for “the waters of Sulis.”

So basically the spring is still there today, although untouchable and undrinkable as it is not treated. You learn a lot of history about it throughout the museum but the Bath itself is really amazing to imagine that people so long ago stood exactly as it was when we were there and bathed.

Here are our photos:

Inside by the spring that bubbles from the earth.

At the end, we could go inside this dining room on site and taste the Bath water, which has been treated. It is hot and tastes like metal and is relatively gross. None of us finished are glasses. Afterwards, we left the Baths and went to Bristol for a few hours where we tried to go to the Arnolfini museum but it was closed so we settled on getting a much deserved beer and then catching the train back to London.


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