Good-bye Camden, Hello Prague and the rest of the world

6 Months ago, two waitresses from Florida moved to London. They found a flat in Camden Town, got real office positions with holiday pay, and made friends with a bunch of French people, a Korean girl and a girl from Iran. They ate things like Ethiopian food, Korean cuisine and a variety of smelly French cheeses. They visited places like Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh and Snowdonia on the weekends. They danced, partied, laughed and rode double decker buses in London during the week. They learned to understand the question of “you alright?” as a greeting and started referring to their moms as mums on the phone. They grew pale, got used to rain but were surprised with life everyday.

Sitting in this loft bed for the last time, I am sad, but excited/nervous for the next installment of Kelly and Ellie’s Guide to Travel. We have done fantastically well, if I do say so and never gave up even when we thought we should just throw in the towel because at least Florida was warm. London was a million things to us but overall, it was the best experience of our lives so far.

Here we are with our gargantuan backpacks:

This next installment takes us first to Prague which we leave for in 6 hours time. It will take us places like Slovenia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Belgium and a hundred places in between. So stay tuned, because we love you all and can’t wait to see how this part of our life turns out!


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