Copenhagen: recovering from Roskilde

July 7
After saying goodbye to our friends, we removed our luggage from the lockers and caught a bus towards our couch-surfing host’s flat. We got there and met an Australian guy (not our host) who recently moved from Norway where he worked for six months. He was friendly and explained that he rents out the other room from the host, Thorbjorn. And that an Austalian couple have been staying there and will be coming home late. We went to the grocery store and got some spaghetti and breakfast foods. We spent the night in, recovering from our crazy week of camping.

July 8
When we woke up the Australian couple was there. We made breakfast and talked with them. We found out that we all have been traveling about the same amount of time and the same places. Then we discovered that we would also be staying in the same Couchsurfing host’s house in Bergen, Norway.
They were leaving that morning, heading towards Oslo, Norway. So, while they packed, we headed out to explore Copenhagen. There was a lot we wanted to see, but it was raining, so we were a little limited. We decided it was a good day to go to Christiana, a part of Copenhagen that is completely a free state. It is very hippie-ish and because it does not abide by the same laws as the rest of Denmark, people can sell and smoke marijuana openly, but there are certain streets where there are signs that read: “NO PHOTOS” because it is incriminating to take photos of who is buying and selling drugs. The houses are all uniquely painted and there is a huge art community.

We went to a famous open air Jazz cafe (which was beautiful, but had a NO PHOTOS policy) and got an organic honey beer and listened to the jazz for a little while. We also heard that Christiana had the best falafels in Copenhagen, so we had to try one on the way out.

That day we also checked out the picturesque harbor.

When it started to rain too hard for us to be walking around, we ducked into the public library, which had free internet. We spent a few hours there, planning more of our trip and avoiding the rain.

That night, we went back to the flat and made some stir-fry. Some new girls were staying at the couchsurfing flat. There was one girl from Vietnam and two from Brooklyn and us all staying in a one bedroom apartment. It was a little tight, but we all had our own mattresses, so we didn’t mind. It was really strange, because we never met Thorbjorn, our host, the whole time we stayed there. We went to bed fairly early, because we had another early morning ahead of us. We were on our way to Malmo, Sweden the next day, and even though it is only an hour away, we were only going to stay one night, and wanted to get in as much as possible.


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