Lisbon and San Sebastian!

We took a night train to Lisbon from Madrid and arrived very early in the morning and were in a dangerous looking neighborhood until we finally just jumped in a cab after stubbornly looking for our guesthouse for a 1/2 hour. Once there, the guesthouse was nice and we had our own room which was great. We took a nap and then set out to see all Lisbon had to offer. We headed to Barrio Alto and had some drinks in this cute bar where the lamps were made out of bok choy and they played cheesy 60’s porn on the wall.

We ate some Indian food and after a few drinks returned home.

Beautiful tile work on the front.
The next few days were filled with taking a day trip to Cascais to go to the beach, visiting the oceanarium that we had heard was first-class and one of the largest in the world, relaxing in our guest house room and going out for a few drinks with a couple we met at the guesthouse.

The metro stations were awesome and each had really cool artwork. This is the metro stop for the oceanarium.

This is a freaky sculpture of this fake kid near the oceanarium.

We were obsessed with this sun fish at the oceanarium.

I loved this volcano sculpture that erupted every five minutes.


This man had a dog that sang along with him. It was incredible and so cute.

Oh yes, the pastries in Portugal are so amazing. Some of the best pastries ever!

Lisbon had great fashion, great night-life and a great underground music scene. Portugal was beautiful and the tiled fronts of buildings were different, giving the whole city an artsy feeling.

They also have these awesome trams that take you up the steep hills in Lisbon and really cool lifts everywhere.

One of the lifts.
We will definitely see more of it next time, including Porto and some other Southern towns.

*Sorry if our pictures seem a little lackluster or infrequent for this post and the last but this was in our last 10 days of backpacking and we were exhausted and just wanted to soak things up rather than photograph them all the time.

From Portugal, we headed to San Sebastian.

The ride between Lisbon and San Sebastian.
San Seb was going to be our last stop on the continent of Europe. We planned it this way so that way we could lay around on the beach, drinking sangria with any money we had left before flying to Ireland for a few days and then back to England. San Sebastian had the best surfing beaches ever. The waves were massive and the beaches so blue. The waves must have been about 8 ft. We met Jack, a Londoner and we hung around with him for the majority of our stay.

The view from the beach at night

The beach!

Church near our hostel

We drank a lot of tinto veranas (lemonade and red wine) and went to the beach every day.


2 Responses to “Lisbon and San Sebastian!”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 27, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Feels like I’ve been there! I liked uncle Vinnie too! Momz

  2. 2 Shane February 4, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Wow! You have an incredible excursion in San Sebastian and Lisbon. The place is truly amazing. This might be the reason why every year this fascinating city has been visited with various tourists to spend their holiday in here. Perhaps this coming summer I will witness the San Sebastian holiday season.

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