Red Light District and Mom, all in one entry

By: Kelly / Photos: Ellie

When we arrived to Amsterdam, from the minute we stepped off the plane, my mom was ohhhing and ahhhing about the gorgeous architecture, the cleanliness and the canals. My mom was smitten with Amsterdam. And what can I say? My mom and I have the same taste in cities.

kelly and Lil' Sandy

Bloemstraat: the street our hostel was on

DSC_0475We knew that she would love it here. We checked into our very clean and very holy Christian hostel in the Jordaan and set out for a bite to eat. We found this wonderful vegetarian restaurant that Claire had recommended last time but was too expensive for us then. We had a wonderful gigantic meal before walking back to our hostel for the night.

at the veggie restaurant

at the veggie restaurant

Pretty ShuttersThe next day, we awoke early and did a walking tour of Amsterdam. Although Ellie and I had been there before, we had never done a walking tour and this specific one was incredibly informative, especially since our American tour guide was a student at University of Amsterdam, studying addictions and rehab, coupled with sexuality. His expertise was the red light district and we learned a lot about the changing climate of the coffee shops and red light district. Apparently, the city of Amsterdam is succumbing to country pressures to slowly but efficiently shut down all the windows and coffee shops. It seems to be working because there are even less windows than when we were there last time, just one year ago.

The rest of our time was dedicated to walking around the amazing interior design shops sprinkled all around Amsterdam’s little lanes. We also got a chance to revisit the windmill brewery with Mom and go on a gorgeous canal cruise at night. There is something so special about Amsterdam at night. The whole city glows and people go out riding the canals with their own personal party boats.

CanalWindmill Brewery

Sandy's new favorite city

7 bridgesnight cruise

My mom was already talking about how she wants to come back and I gave our tour guide the third degree about the university’s masters programs, so I have a good feeling we, both, have Amsterdam again in our future.

*Note* by: Ellie

I realize that I am not actually in any of the photos from Amsterdam, most likely because I was behind the camera the whole time. But, I still had a wonderful time and love the city more than ever. Here are a few bonus pics that kelly didn’t mention:

Kelly attempting to use the top bunk

Kelly attempting to use the top bunk

not sure what's in an Obama Burger

not sure what's in an Obama Burger

condom store

condom store

kitsch kitchen


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  1. 1 Cory June 1, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    mermaid street!!

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