I <3 Tzatziki!

By: Kelly

We arrived in Bodrum, Turkey on the Aegean sea (more on this later) and stayed one day. We had our laundry done by a woman who was breast-feeding her 9-year old in her lap (no seriously) in front of us when we dropped our clothes off. We departed from Bodrum the next day to take the 1.5 hour ferry over to the Greek island of Kos.

Good Bye Turkey

Good Bye Turkey

Hello Greece!

Hello Greece!

Upon arrival, we were under the sentiment of sitting until the heathens all clambered over each other to get off the ferry and then we would follow. Very wrong sentiment to have. We were, therefore, the last people to walk through a customs line that was 200-thick. Laziness never gets good results.

Also, we were troubled. We were troubled with this trip to Kos because when we paid for our expensive ferry tickets, they rewarded us with a booklet that was the cheesiest thing I have ever read. I come from Key West, where people are constantly discussing the glory of our sunsets, our beaches and restaurants in cheap, poorly written literature. This made the Key West pamphlets look award-winning. At one point, the Kos flyer states something to the effect of “Try not to take Magda the bar woman home with you because you she serves you crispy ouzo which flames in your tastebuds while you try our decadent and palette-nourishing tzaziki.” There were also lots of ads for stores that sell Crocs and ladies loungewear. We were beginning to worry that we had made a 50 euro mistake.

The Scary Little Book

The Scary Little Book

Once, finally making it through customs, we walked 20 minutes to our hotel called Leonidas. Leonidas is really gorgeous and sort of looks like it would mesh well with the architecture of South Beach. In fact. Kos is one of the only Greek islands I have seen that is so old Florida in it’s atmosphere and design. We felt right at home.

Our Room

Our Room


Leonida’s was so clean and our room with a private bathroom and balcony and mini-kitchen was so nice, plus WE HAD TV, a luxury we hadn’t seen in over a month. This TV only had one English channel which switched all the time and normally played Extreme Home Make-over and really bad yogurt commericals that were 25 minutes long. This wasn’t too much of a problem though because we didn’t come to Greece to watch tv, we came to go to the ocean!



The ocean is beautiful and refreshing and cold. The only bad part about the beach in Kos is the entire length of the beach has lounge chairs set up and you have to pay basically to sit anywhere. We found the only patch of sand and put our towels on the floor and many fellow tourists looked at us as though we were absolutely nuts. One guy found out we were from Florida and let us use his loungers for free. Maybe he has Florida dreams?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyway, so our 3 days in Greece consisted of: Eating breakfast, going to the beach, buying fresh cherries and produce for dinner, going to the hotel pool. eating cherries and drinking Mythos, cooking dinner while watching Extreme Home Make-over (crying, of course), eating dinner during sunset on our balcony and reading/watching yogurt commercials until we fell asleep. It may sound boring but it was perfect.

Our Balcony View

Our Balcony View

We visited the town twice and tried to stay away because of all the ferry tourists who normally only come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. The shops weren’t as bad as PocketKos made them out to be but we weren’t in the mood to buy any olive oil soap. We did enjoy seeing the archeological ruins in the center of town and were quite blown away with how much you can interact with them with no guards/fences to keep you away.





The last night we met Tina who is from the arctic circle of Canada. She was very interesting and is a ESL(English as Second Language) teacher who was getting ready to move to Uzbekistan. She said she had never seen a polar bear and that was pretty shocking since it’s about the same as growing up in Florida and never seeing a lizard. The three of us went into town together and had dinner at a Taverna and got all of our Greek favorites we had been craving and ice cream.

DSC_0035 DSC_0034

The Harbor

The Harbor

The next day, we caught the afternoon ferry back into Bodrum, wishing our vegetarian delights fare-well with a gyro sutffed with french fries and Tzatziki instead of lamb. A delicous heart-attack. I love Greece.


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  1. 1 lifefrommyiphone June 24, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    i ❤ this place! the sunset view from your balcony is unbelieveable!

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