Our 100th Post is Wasted on Boring Bodrum!

By: Kelly (and yes, it is our 100th post on the blog!)

Ah, Bodrum where we had the displeasure of spending 6 nights. Bodrum is apparently the party capital of Turkey, think Ibiza or Mykonos, maybe even South Beach? If you know either of us, you will probably know that there is very little we enjoy about frat boys celebrating bachelor parties with red bull vodka until 5 in the morning while grinding on girls with fake tans and extensions to European techno interspersed with Lil Wayne. Neither of us enjoy paying euros in a country that’s currency is worth half of the euro.We probably could have overlooked all of these facts if the beach were fabulous and the Turkish vegetarian food was flowing. Neither of these were the case. We also made the realization that when we are listening to people’s opinions of certain places, perhaps we need to be more critical of the person and whether their tastes are at all similar to ours.

Bodrum from a distance...

Bodrum from a distance...


Regardless, Bodrum was a bust. We struggled to find something to eat ALL THE TIME, thank god for the dismal grocery store that gave us all of the pasta we could cook, but spaghetti gets old fast. The restaurant workers called us Spice girls and asked us everyday why we hadn’t tried their restaurant yet even when we told them we were veg, they would tell us, “Well we have low prices” as though that was going to make us reconsider our commitments. And the best part was, we gave it a good shot. We tried to enjoy the pebble beach that was 3 feet wide, we went to a nightclub and tried to dance to techno, we tried to go to the recommended veg friendly restaurants but they told us that they had small meat in the food and would that be OK?

The upsides of Bodrum were: Kavala Studios, where we stayed was nice and the people were friendly and even upgraded us to a larger room for free. The hotel was only 24 USD a night with our own kitchen and bathroom and small living room. Also, we couldn’t find good food, but we had delicious home-made smoothies every day. And the two best parts of Bodrum were our belly-dancer night that was put on by Kavala Studios and our all-day boat trip out on the open water.

The belly dancer was a gigantic and exciting surprise. At Kavala Studios, they were hosting a Turksih BBQ night of which we couldn’t participate but we were invited to watch the belly dancer at 9 pm. When we arrived to watch, the belly dancer looked a little suspect. Maybe you can spot why?

This is us having a one-on-one lesson with this GORGEOUS belly dancer of ours.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Basically, we were thrilled because we hadn’t seen a drag queen in 6 weeks and boy, were we starved for glitter and lace. This drag queen also hinted at the subculture of Turkey that we had not had the pleasure of bearing witness to. We met nary a gay person in three weeks. it was a lot of fun and a pleasant surprise.

The second best thing we did was getting away from the crap coastline of Bodrum and heading out on the open water for 7 solid hours of sun and swim time with 5 stops at different places for us to jump off and enjoy the crystal clear, incredibly beautiful water of the Aegean.


Sunbathing Deck

Sunbathing Deck


Our first stop was at thermal springs where we paid 4 additional lira to enter the springs and the cave. We first were instructed to cover our bodies with therapeutic mud and wait for it to harden in the sun before jumping into the warm water. We followed directions and were rewarded with very soft skin and smaller pores for about 5 minutes. We also got to take on the adventure of swimming in a black cave. It would have been spooky but the only spooky thing was the French men’s butt in front of me under my nose. Regardless, it was fun to cover myself in dirt.

Following Instructions

Following Instructions

We scared small children


In the cave

In the cave

washing off the mud


Our second stop was meteor hole where a meteor supposedly hit the earth and made a very deep swimming spot in the middle of the ocean.

Our third, fourth and fifth stops all sort of run together in that they were basically just gorgeous swimming spots. One was made of red rock and the other two had perfectly beautiful sandy beaches, the complete antithesis of Bodrum. We took lots of pictures for proof that there is some natural beauty around Bodrum. Enjoy them!


That's right, an ICECREAM BOAT. It comes around to all the boat tours and sells icecream. Genius!

That's right, an ICECREAM BOAT. It comes around to all the boat tours and sells icecream. Genius!







We finally got to leave and were so pleased and kind of sad that we had wasted our last days in Turkey in such a boring spot but vowed ourselves to book less binding plane tickets in the future so we can move freely. Besides, even though we were going to have a 14 hour travel day, we were getting out of Turkey and heading to our obsession city, Berlin!


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  1. 1 Bo October 30, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Bless ur heart u literally cracked me up

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