Communism and Censorship

Hello friends and Family!

We are departing from Berlin tonight to Beijing on an overnight flight. Upon doing some last minute research about China’s censorship laws, I regret to inform everyone that we will have little to no access to WordPress while in China. We feel good about this for one reason: WordPress did not sell out when faced with the decision to make a censored version of their software to be used in China, unlike both Yahoo and Google. They did not agree to these terms because they felt that censorship went against their morals and mission. I am proud to use a blogging site that supports similar ideals as us. Regardless, our blog will be put on hold while we are in the People’s Republic of China. We are also not sure about Skype, Google, MSNBC, Facebook, or Yahoo. While Google has created government compatible censoring software, we are almost certain that it doesn’t support google mail and nor do we want to open our mail account and have it be accessible to China with our IP address and personal identifying information. Also, Yahoo sold the names and other identifying characteristics of a few Chinese activists who were using their email to incite anti-government messages, causing the arrest of the activists. We do not condone the censorship in China and are upset that companies that we regularly use in our everyday life have decided to bow down to this government. That said, if you do not hear from us, please do not be alarmed. We will be going to S. Korea on July 2nd (N.Korea permitting that is) and can resume our internet activities there. We miss you all and hope you continue to check for any updates, videos and pictures.



1 Response to “Communism and Censorship”

  1. 1 Daniel July 5, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    Presume you guys have made it to Seoul. Hope all is well and really enjoying your updates. Have subscribed to them via RSS. My wife and I are planning on a RTW in less than two years — I know! A long time away. Regardless, we’ve lived in South Korea before, so if you’d like any recommendations, feel free to ask. Also linked up to your blog from ours, so that we can stay in touch. Travel safe!

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