Beijing Sneak Peek!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
As I’m sure, you’ve noticed the annoying issue of not being able to access our own website while in China has put us a little ways behind ourselves, but not horribly. We will catch up to real time so soon, but for our patient viewers, here is a little sneak peek of the craziness that is CHINA! Watch as we shakily attempt to cross an 8 lane highway in Beijing where a red light literally means “Go, Go Faster” to all motorists rather than the universal “Stop and give pedestrians the right away.” Biking around Beijing actually made it easier for us to cross the street off bikes because we learned that if we are aggressive as pedestrians, they’ll eventually just move their cars around your body as you walk. The video is a little shaky because it’s pretty hard to ride a bike and take video at the same time, but Ellie did a pretty decent job of capturing the biking Beijing experience. We also thought that perhaps our bicycles had “I’m a Tourist, Laugh at me” written on the side where there were Chinese characters that we, of course, had no clue what they said, because so many Chinese people laughed and gave us a strange looks. We would soon learn that this wouldn’t be the first time, we’d get their attention. More to come soon!

P.S. And Happy Late 4th of July! and Happy Late 2nd Birthday to the most gorgeous, hysterical little girl I know- my niece, Sophia Elizabeth!


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