A Tour of Southern Vietnam: Part 1

OK, I know we haven’t been very good about the blog, and have been keeping you waiting for oh maybe 3 or 4 or 5 months. Sorry. We’d still like to show everyone where we have been and what we have done, so we will eventually complete our whole trip. Look forward to a lot more picture blogs, they’ll be shorter and with a lot less writing. Enjoy! x, Ellie

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is supposed to be this crazy clubbin’ party beach town place that we were a little dreading and a little excited about. It turns out that it’s not such a happening place, however, during the rainy season. And it did rain quite a bit while we were there. Apparently, there was a typhoon (like a hurricane) heading our direction, but that story is for a later blog, because, at the time, we were totally unaware of that fact.

We did manage to find a nice hotel with a (not too distant) beach view for $8 and some live music at a local bar that sadly was dead after 11pm.

Sitting on the beach, the first day we arrived (and only non-rainy day) we discovered the highlight of Nha Trang: The seafood sellers! These little Vietnamese ladies come around with fresh caught seafood and a little grill in a basket. You say the word and before you know it, you’ve got a beer in your hand and a whole picnic set up right in front of you. They even give you a plastic tarp to sit on. Kelly and I both agree that this meal might have been the best meal of our lives.

A Vietnam War vet we met on the beach has mastered the art of haggling for a fair price for his dinner.

So we got all this grilled up with delicious pepper-lime sauce, plus a giant conch and a beer for less than $5! So we decided to each get our own grilled lobster and scallop and conch meal.

A perfect sunset meal!

After that meal, we decided repeat this amazing meal every night until we left Nha Trang, but every other night was really rainy and we never saw those magical seafood sellers again.


1 Response to “A Tour of Southern Vietnam: Part 1”

  1. 1 Mum Z April 19, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Mmmmm! My favorite meal so far as well! It looks amazing!

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