Kelly and Ellie met in college (UCF), were roommates and the rest was history from there. Both were recently living in Key West, where they funded a mutual travel bug by waitressing tables at Key West hot spots and dealing with cranky overheated tourists.

The pay-off? Pure unadulterated travel bliss allowing them the freedom to go where they want and when they want. Living rent-free with Kelly’s mom didn’t hurt the situation either, of course.

Ellie was born in Ohio, grew up in St. Augustine and went to university for art, business and biology. She is good at everything. No, seriously. She is. She can cook meals that delight every palette and she can fix a car. She knows everything about everything and her friends alternate between calling her “Domestic” and “Wikipedia.” She is mildly Jewish, incredibly kind and hopes to be own her own vegetarian restaurant one day.

Kelly was born in Key West, and went to university for psychology which she finds incredibly boring and hates talking about oedipal complexes. She also went to university for her two loves: gender studies and English creative writing. She enjoys nothing more than a loud impressive protest or reading a memoir on the beach. Kelly really likes traveling to the point where she really only hopes to find a job that enables her to travel for the rest of her life. She wants to go to school for writing or human rights. She also cried when we went to Munich because she is a beer connoisseur. She is a feminist, a comedian, and knows minute details about strange places because she is obsessed with travel guides.

Both girls kickstarted their traveling after graduating by moving to London, getting a mouse infested apartment and a job and traveling the UK on the weekends, followed by a 4 month jog around the continent of Europe taking them to more than 20 countries. You can read more about those travels here in our archives.

They make a good team because Kelly is high-strung and over-researched while Ellie is the live and let-live type. To survive in Europe, they ate a lot of cheese and bread and utilized the extensive couchsurfing system. Many of their past European adventures are chronicled on this website for your reference.

What’s next? A long year of travel to Europe, Asia and Australia before making it back around the world to Florida.


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